So, I ran out of all the usual things you’d use to make Pimms and came up with a decidedly better version than any I’ve had before from stuff in the fridge.

Ignore the strawberry...

1.  Fruit & Veg & Herb & Rhizome.

The point of Pimms is to serve it in jugs filled with  all sorts of fruit and veg that infuse the rather sweet, syrupy Pimms with an altogether different flavour. So, in your jug you need to throw:


Fresh root ginger (at least 3cm cut in disks)

Lemongrass (at least two sticks smashed a bit to get the flavour running)

Lemon or lime slices

Apple (or Asian style pear) chunks

Small red chilli (halved only, de-seeded)

Mint or/and basil.

Then mash (as in tea not potato) with the Pimms in the fridge for as long as you can bear (for me I can just about stretch to 20 mins) so all the flavours properly infuse the liquor.

2. Banish the lemonade.

Add 3 parts Ginger Beer to every 1 part Pimms (could add some ginger ale to take even more of the sweetness off). Ignore fact it looks like bin-lorry juice.

3. Quaff.

Pour over ice, savour the aroma and watch the sunset whilst swatting the mozzies with your electrified tennis racket (for those in the UK, you’ll have to imagine the tropical ambience and try not to cry).