Ok – I’m a couple of weeks behind on this one, but Luxe Guides have stepped up their game and you can now book the hotels they feature through their website.

I’ll check out their claim of best online rates in the coming weeks, but I like the way they have grouped the accommodation into different categories, and the photos are pretty. There are a couple of glitches in the website, but I’m sure those are easily sorted.

The other function they have introduced is that you now have the option to plug in part of the ISBN number of the guide you have recently bought (so far the only guide this would work on I bought in the last 12 months), and the website will throw up any recent updates for you in that city.

Rather generously you can also get updates about any of the cities just off that one guide’s ISBN’s number.

Interestingly the blurb on the guides now says that they are updated each year rather than 6 monthly as apparently they were previously, and that online-updates happen monthly.

However, I’ve checked out most of the city updates on the website and they are a bit hit and miss. Venice doesn’t have any updates for example, and there are posts from back in 2007 on some cities, which seems a little at odds with the super-hot, super-current premise that their business model is based upon – not so smug now eh?

Bee in bonnet time Mr Luxe Guides  Grant Thatcher – If you claim to be the arbiter of cool, current, taste and service you better be damned sure you deliver on these yourself.  It’s a risky business stepping into travel provision.  Just hope you’ve got the right partners for the task, and keep your eye on the ball – a lot of your audience are as snipy and well informed as you.

I’m a fan – but I will be testing you.