Bo Innovation: Review Update

I was greatly looking forward to my dinner at Bo Innovation last Saturday. Unfortunately it disappointed on every level apart from the tea I drank throughout which was lovely.

For a start, I was avoiding booze for the weekend, but there was no chance of that here because the tasting menu had some form of liquor in almost every course. The dinner started with a ridiculous Bai Jiu frothy cocktail, (from the introduction we were given we thought it was a frothy cappuccino style consommé with some Bai Jiu in it, not a frikking hard alcohol cocktail) that did nothing to settle my stomach and then went downhill from there.

Not that the meal was particularly unpleasant, just uninspiring, gimmicky and unbalanced – plus the service was patchy.

Given Bo’s reputation, my past experience and the high price, I expected much more. Needless to say I will not be going back.

I should have known better. It’s par for the course when the head chef starts expanding their empire overseas.

Best avoided.