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Zinfandel’s, Zagreb: Tasting Menu

Zinfandel’s, Esplanade Hotel, Zagreb – 6.10.2012

Adriatic langoustines, bloody Mary Granitte, coconut rolls.

Fois gras terrine, wild berry semifreddo, Istrian summer truffle brioche.

Langoustine consommé, fresh Adriatic shrimps and coriander.

Risotto, asparagus disc, frog legs and truffle juice.

Sole fillet, truffle, roasted asparagus pie, brown nut caper butter.

Veal, ox tail croquettes, horseradish foam.

Lemongrass panna cotta, tangerine sorbet and orange bisquit.

Extra course:

Rabbit roulade, artichokes confit, broad bean paste.

Pierre Gagnaire in town – Champignon of Molecular Gastronomy

I’m not a fan of celebrity chefs who lend their name to restaurants and just design the odd menu rather than being in the kitchen to oversee the cuisine (unless the chefs you leave in change have the brillance of Angela Hartnett or Markus Waring).  So, I tend to only go when the chef themselves in town.  Aren’t we lucky that Pierre can spare us a full five days?!

End of July is the time to get thee down to Pierre at the Mando.  Pierre Gagnaire will be overseeing his restaurant between Tuesday 28th July to Saturday 1st August.

New 8 course “Legumes” degustation menu at HK$1,288 per person.

Call the Mando to book: +852 2825 4001

Pierre Gagnaire is truly an incredible chef  – it is he who is the long term collaborator of Herve This, the chemist who first coined the phrase Molecular Gastronomy, and has influenced such greats as Ferran Adria of el Bulli, Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck and even our own Demon Chef of Bo Innovation.

If you are a foodie, you really should take up this opportunity.

Oo, more lovely hats

My search for hats has thrown up another great option – Borsalino of Italy.  Found them flagged in Monocle this month along with a photo spread that included a Lock & Co hat too.  Just going to show that I really do have excellent taste (fnah).


Closest places to purchase are either Shanghai or Tokyo if you aren’t passing through Milan any time soon.  They also have stunningly beautiful moped/riding helmets (no chin guards, so more form over function unfortunately).

borsalino helmet

Update: Passed through Harvey Nics yesterday and spied a Borsalino hat – unfortunately they only had one style and this was it:

ibis Borsalino

Now, I’m no genius, but it does strike me that ladies in HK are fairly obsessive about keeping the sun off their faces, and therefore there is probably a good market for Borsalino’s hats here.  Why then is the only one HN have this feathered creation? I know it’s arresting, but it’s almost completely impractical.  Why not grab attention with this, and use it to intro other less immediately eye-catching hats which are much more styling and usable? Once again HN proves it’s still all skirt and no knickers…

Considering summer hats

Working out which shops I need to visit when next in London.

I love wandering around St James and Mayfair poking around the likes of Berreta, Swaine Adeney Brigg, Trevor Philip, and Turnbull & Asser etc but I haven’t been to the hatter’s Lock & Co – which I consider a massive oversight now I’ve been introduced.

It wasn’t until the England cricketer Matthew Hoggard commandeered the hat of my dear friend during a rather raucous night in Lan Kwai Fong, that I had even heard of these historic and august milliners.

They’ve been in the same location since 1676 so not sure how I’ve managed to miss them at 6 St James’ Street all these years.

Rather disappointingly they have far more hats for boys than girls, but I’m currently deciding between the three below.  You can order online, but I’m not sure I’d risk buying before I know which style suits best.

Lock & Co Hats

Frankly, I think it would be sensible to get the robust and versatile folding Panama (centre) considering how clumsy I am, but I think for HK cruising and clubbing (daytime you understand, not going to be wearing it to M1NT of an evening, I’m not Mary J Blige…)  it really ought to be the St Lucia with the narrower brim (far right).