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Eddie’s – Still Clinging On…

Update  21.5.10:…or not.

A post was seen on a Lantau community page with a lot of kitchen equipment for sale very recently from Eddie’s. Maybe it’s all over.  I think a case of decent food, wrong venue, wrong location. If anyone knows get in touch.


Well, Eddie’s is still hanging on there in Tong Fuk.  My original review way back when I started blogging last summer provoked a tornado (i.e. windy but brief) of localised reaction, including some unrepeatable opinions which even made me blush – unfortunately for you my dear readers, I have some kind of moral conscience and so decided not to publish the comments as it would have started an even bigger s**tstorm.

Anyhew, I found myself deciding to give Eddie’s another go a few weeks back and we had a very good meal of fish and chips. Admittedly both were under-seasoned, but that’s easily corrected at table, so not a biggy.  The fish was really very good.  Big, luscious slabs of meaty, perfectly flaky fish, and although I’m a breaded rather than battered fan, the batter was nicely crispy and not doughy and cloying at all.

The portions were a very generous size as was the side-salad accompaniment.

The service was better if still a little amateur, but this time it was endearing and friendly rather than rude and frustrating, so that’s a step in the right direction.

I still think Eddie’s would do better business out of Tong Fuk.  I think they should have grabbed the Thai restaurant’s space next to The Stoep when that came up for rent renewal a few months back.  The Stoep is a dreadful restaurant and Eddie’s seafood/sustainable theme would be perfect for junk trippers and the quality starved natives of that village.

And one final point – Eddie’s you’ve got to change your website from being Flash based, and take down the notice in the news section that “due to unforeseen circumstances” you can only open on weekends for dinner.  Re-brand poppet!  Call Eddie’s the best Weekend Dining Retreat in Lantau. You could claim that like many Lantau residents you go there at weekends to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and your stressful weekday job… Positives chaps, not negatives, (I don’t know why I feel it necessary to give you advice, but I just think you are still getting this thing wrong).

Your site architecture at the moment means that search engines can’t find you.  If I were you, I’d use WordPress, Joomla or Expression Engine to host your website – free, and so easy to use that you don’t need to pay anyone for design and developing.  That way, my reviews won’t come so close to the top of the searches, which I’m sure would be a great relief!

Location: 17B Tong Fuk Village, South Lantau, Hong Kong. Tel: 2980- 2636

Eddie’s Tong Fuk – Doomed to fail?


I don’t like to be mean about restaurants that are so obviously struggling to stay afloat  - but Eddie’s is a lesson in eateries doomed to fail.

The litany of mistakes/complaints in no particular order.

1) Not opening when you say you are going to be open.  We have tried to frequent your restaurant for dinner on at least 3 occasions (not Mondays)  but you were closed

2) Naming your restaurant Eddie’s and then there not being a patron/Eddie in sight.  There is a western chef here, we have glimpsed him the couple of times we have been able to enter, but as soon as we come in, he disappears into the darkness beyond.  Is he Eddie we wonder, and why won’t he come and say hi?

3) Staff don’t engage with you.  Both times we have been the wait staff hardly dared say a word and waited silently, table side, with pencil poised until we ordered. It adds to the British-rest-home-in-Worthing-day-room feeling about the whole place.

4) Menu is confused.  Its part fine dining, part gastropub, part seafood.

5) Soho prices and Soho quality food – which frankly is not value for money in Lantau.

6) Never, never start wiping the table around me when I am reading a newspaper and I am the only person in the whole restaurant.  Why the f**k are you bothering me?  Speak up boy?!

7) If you are open at the weekend from breakfast through lunchtime, why do you stop serving breakfast at midday? And even refuse to cook it up for the 1 set of customers in your restaurant at 12:45, who are locals of Lantau and might therefore become regulars?  Are you trying to go bankrupt?  SERVE AN ALL DAY BREAKFAST!!!!

8) If you open at 6pm but there are some people standing outside your restaurant at 5:40 who want to come in after a long day at the beach, don’t leave them standing outside whilst you blithely finish putting the bloody forks out, let them in to order a nice cool beer.  Don’t be rude, and more importantly don’t turn your nose up at custom.

9) Don’t open a restaurant in a village of about 250 people, with a similar cuisine to another restaurant 20yards down the road.  Why split the market when you could have opened a different style of restaurant?

As almost local Lantausters, we feel a responsibility to support a new business in our little community and we have tried, but if you are going to continually get it wrong and not learn from your mistakes then what do you expect but to be regularly empty?

Change or die.

What does work:

1) Your breakfasts at the weekend are very good value for money.  Why not make them available all day but just charge more for them from 12pm?

Not a lot else…


Just received a mailer from Eddies and now we know who Eddie is and what their concept is which is actually quite interesting not just organic but also sustainable – seems that other people fancied an all-day-breakfast too.  Have to go back and try again!

Welcome to Eddie’s!

Introducing our new menu……

Due to popular demand we now serve all day breakfasts so you no longer
have to wait for the weekends to scare away that hangover!!! In the
twilight zone thanks to jet-lag? No problem – we will serve your Full
English whenever you want. No need to set the alarm!
(This is sounding somewhat as if we are open weekday mornings, which we
aren’t but watch this space…)
Our a la carte menu has been designed to offer a wide variety of choice in
keeping with our ethics, using organic meats and sustainable seafood. For
further information on how we choose our products and why, please check
out our website or speak to any member of staff.

We trust that you will enjoy your dining experience at Eddie’s.

Many have been wondering whether Eddie is the chef, the owner, or an
imaginary friend…
He is our namesake – our companion and would be our doorman cum maitre d,
if he wasn’t a hairy Jack Russell dog. He is however pleased to be
relieved of this duty, in the interests of hygiene. This enables him to
languish at home with his concubines while we cook.


Had fish and chips at Eddie’s a couple of weeks ago, and the experience was much better. Read an update here.